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From:  Andy Neill      (Click here to see the review on Google+)

Thanks to Joel, Emma, and Russel at KirkBath we have fantastic new bathrooms!  We got three bids (the fourth never called us back) to renovate our 1.5 bath and KirkBath was the best option!  We were looking for a bathroom that would stand-up to the test of a family of four and that is what we got.  We knew the options in their showroom were well thought out to provide quality hardware and materials for the best value.  Their options made things simple for us and we didn’t have to wade through acres of faucets, towel racks, toilets, hinges, etc. (they would have let us if we wanted to).  When it came time to design, Joel and Emma provided great insights and design ideas to revamp our 1.5 connected bath into two full baths.  This improved privacy for the entire family and added significant value to our home.  To make it happen we had to completely gut the only bathrooms in the house, move the washer and dryer to the garage, and replace all the plumbing under the house.  Joel coordinated all of this with ease and minimized our time without laundry and showers as much as possible.  The cost and schedule of the project was clear from the beginning and any changes to the cost were documented and signed before the work was done.  Joel even corrected costs that were in our favor!  Because this was a big project Joel worked with us and we were able to reduce costs by doing the demolition and painting ourselves.  Joel checked in with us regularly and made sure everything was on schedule and when all was done, the project finished ahead of schedule!  We love our neo-angle shower and efficient use of space!  The finish work is great and no corners were cut to ensure quality craftsmanship.  We have only good things to say about our bathrooms and the entire process with KirkBath!  A few months down the line we did have one problem that Joel took care of in no time flat.  Some of the new plumbing under our house was not insulated and water was condensing onto the cold water lines and dripping to the crawl space.  This was not the fault of KirkBath but was more an issue of our unique foundation and venting system and that the plumbers did not completely insulate the new PEX tubing.  Regardless of the cause, Joel quickly addressed the problem and let us barrow his fans and dehumidifiers for an extended period of time to get things dried up.  We could not be happier with his response.  Thanks Joel an Emma helping us get all that we wanted with our bathroom renovation and more, you have our recommendation! –Andy and Tara Neill

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