• 2013 NARI Contractor of the Year regional winner:  Residential Additions Over $250,000.  




  • 2009 NARI Contractor of the Year regional winner:  Residential Interiors Over $100,000.  This project was featured as the cover story in the Oregonian newspaper’s Home & Garden section.  Click here to read the article.

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  • 2009 ORA Outstanding Remodeling Achievement Award winner:  Interiors Over $100,000.
  • 2009 ORA Outstanding Remodeling Achievement Award winner:  Exterior Specialty Work.  See the winning project here.

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  • Featured in the magazine Professional Deck Builder:  November 2008 PDF/ HTML










  • We are very proud of the positive feedback we’ve received from our wonderful clients.  Below is a sampling.

From Angie’s List:

We have used Kirk Design & Construction for a major bathroom remodel and most recently, for a major kitchen remodel.  We give them top marks for both jobs.  What we wanted in hiring a contractor was someone who not only was a good listener, but was well-informed about product and material choices.  They came up with suggestions and solutions that we never would have thought of.  We also wanted someone we could absolutely trust to hand over our house keys to, depend on to “make it right” if something went awry, and keep on task and within budget.  They took the time to educate us about the construction process while still treating us with great respect as their clients.  Joel and Emma Kirk are a young couple whose expertise, professionalism, and work ethic belie their years.  They are a growing business, but have chosen their expanding construction team carefully.  Emma’s sense of style and knowledge of interior space are exceptional.  She is a good listener and understands what Northwest Design looks like.  Joel can wax poetic about dry wall at the drop of a hat.  He is a well-informed team leader, resourceful, and has invested the time to know the best local people to use for jobs that require subcontracting such as electricity and plumbing.  They are both sincere in wanting the best quality product for their customers.  I especially appreciated details like providing information on cleaning products to care for new appliances and architectural features.  They encourage their clients to check in with them in a couple of years to make sure the space is still working for them.  We highly recommend Kirk Design & Construction and plan to enjoy our new bathroom and kitchen for many years to come.”


They were fantastic.  I was well taken care of by then.  I would definitely recommend them.  In fact, I will have them back to redo my kitchen very soon.  I would tell the others that they take care of their clients.  They will try to get the best prices for things and their quality is fantastic.  The guy is really picky and he likes the quality of his work to be outstanding.  He is really a nice young guy.  I think most of customers use him again.  He is really a great guy.”  (Transcribed by Angie’s List from a telephone interview.)


 Joel and Emma kirk of Kirk Design and Construction Inc designed and reconstructed our master bathroom and updated a downstairs bathroom and kitchen.  The major part of the project involved our upstairs master bathroom which included redesigning and modernizing our shower and bathtub space, installing granite counters, new fixtures, lighting, and flooring.  We had a skylight in the bathroom which had not been ventilated well.  This caused moisture to drip from the ceiling and walls requiring extra care and cleaning on our part.  This was corrected with a newly installed fan and heat system.  The whole room was repainted and new pictures were carefully hung on the wall.  A heavy piece of slate art was expertly placed on one of the walls.  Part of the downstairs bathroom was redone with new tiling in the shower and a new glass door installed.  Two new sinks were installed in the kitchen as well as a new globe light over the island.  

Joel and Emma were two of the most professional people we have ever worked with.  They carefully took time to listen to our needs, making excellent suggestions and submitting multiple drawings of the proposed design.  They are very courteous, friendly, and great communicators.  They were always on time and if there was a problem, they would always write or call to keep us informed.  Joel and the people he hired were true craftsmen and settled for nothing less than an expert job.  The work site was kept very clean.  The end results were above what we expected.  We especially love our upstairs bathroom and feel it has added great value to our home.  The moisture problem was eliminated in the bathroom.  The slate art was heavy and joel did a fantastic job of anchoring it to the wall.  The granite and new travertine tile look wonderful.  The new sinks were added flawlessly in the kitchen.  Overall, we were delighted with the end result and would definitely recommend The Kirk Team to anyone looking for a high quality renovation project for their home.”  

From Google+:

My wife, Linda and I have had 3 very wonderful and rewarding experiences on 3 different jobs done by Emma and Joel.  We have found that their ethics, honesty, and dedication to the job are rarely found in today’s fast paced world.  They made the task of remodeling or repairing both an enjoyable and a learning experience.  I will never have anything done to my house without first consulting with them.”  –Marv E.

We had bathroom and kitchen remodel work done by Kirk Design. Joel and Emma did a fantastic job. Emma did most of the design work and Joel did most of the construction. They excel in honesty, punctuality, and craftsmanship. The workplace was kept very clean each day. They are both perfectionists and very easy to work with. We were very satisfied with their work and delighted how the project turned out. We would recommend them highly to design and construct any project.”  –Leon M.  

From client notes over the years:

Thank you for doing a great job on the kitchen.  I love it!”  –Beth C.


Thanks for your hard work– you did an amazing job!”  — Kerry K. and Janeanne R.


Emma, you have been our angel behind the scene.  Many thanks!  Joel, how sweet it has been.  Thank you for answering our questions with a smile.  We adored your confidence.”  –Joanne and Leon M.


I never imagined that I would have a kitchen this beautiful and functional.  We are all enjoying the kitchen and our floating breakfast bar continues to be a favorite spot– no matter what time of day.  Our thanks and appreciation to both you and Joel.”  –Anne G.


After six months of living with the new bathroom I can honestly say:  I still love it!!!!!”  — Liz H.